Considering Simple Weddings

Are you set on having a smaller wedding with a more intimate feel? Looking to save money without sacrificing any of the elements you want at your event? Hoping to showcase your unique style through the reception décor?

The increasingly popular simple wedding can provide a truly special experience for you and your partner (and your guests!). Whether you’re hoping to cut costs, stay safe, reduce your environmental impact, or customize the décor to your specific interests, a smaller event allows you to focus on the people and things you truly want for an unforgettable day that doesn’t sacrifice any of your desires.

A wedding should be a day full of love, romance, and fun! A simple wedding is about the two of you getting married the way you want to, without necessarily following all of society and wedding “rules.” After reading this book, you should be able to get excited about your day while focusing on a shorter guest list, realistic budget, and your unique tastes! Enjoy looking through photos and search engines. Take your time on social media apps to dream about your simple wedding day and share ideas with your family and friends.

So you are engaged and ready to plan your wedding. Maybe you’ve always been interested in keeping things small and intimate, or you’ve just recently heard about the increasingly popular wedding trend: simple weddings. Regardless of what has drawn you to learn more, this chapter has answers to all your questions and provides inspiration for a day that is unique to you and your partner. In the following pages, you’ll explore the basics of a simple wedding, from what it is to the five main themes surrounding simple weddings, including personalization and saving money. It’s time to start creating your perfect day!

Simply put, a simple wedding is a wedding with fifty or fewer guests. Most simple weddings are held in smaller spaces, outdoor spots, private homes, or destination cities. More important, simple weddings focus on immediate family members and super-close friends as guests. With a smaller guest list, couples zero in on who they absolutely must share the day with, like a dear childhood friend, and who they can send a simple engagement announcement to if they wish, like Great Aunt Carol’s second cousin Jeffrey.

Classic “must-haves,” the parental guidance, wedding party coordination, mounting expenses, and expanding guest lists—the traditional big wedding comes with so much to consider (and so many opportunities for headaches), and not all of it is what the engaged couple actually wants. But there’s another way! With simple weddings, these stressors can be greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

A simple wedding emphasizes what matters most to a couple versus how they might please everyone else. While there is nothing wrong with a large and glam wedding, smaller events create more space to focus on close friends, family, and the couple themselves. And on one of the most important days of your life, it makes sense to concentrate more on the right people than how big your wedding can be.

You will know if a simple wedding is right for you once you review whether or not you can have fifty guests or fewer at your wedding and if you are looking to create a unique experience for you and your guests. To determine if you can reasonably have fifty or fewer guests at your simple wedding, answer the following questions: Can you imagine both sets of parents being okay with a reduced guest list without creating a stressful atmosphere for you throughout the planning process? Can you manage the expectations of those who might feel slighted by not being invited to your simple wedding? Can you or your fiancé feel free to focus only on what makes you happy for the day of the wedding rather than what others think?

Over the years, weddings have gotten more and more creative. The countless options available for unique venues, food and beverages, guest activities, interactive social media elements, and more make it possible to tailor your wedding any way you want. Looking to showcase you and your partner’s love for all things sweet? You can include a dessert buffet as the focal point of your reception venue. And why not jump on whatever is trending in the culinary wedding world, like a doughnut wall or make-your-own-sundae station? Hoping to bring something reminiscent of your childhood to the big day? Bounce houses in every size, color, and theme are available to make the event memorable. Instead of a classic photo booth, you can also ramp up the nostalgia with a caricature station.

A simple wedding is all about personalization and making sure that the couple is the focus. It’s their day, and everything from the color scheme to the hors d’oeuvres should reflect that! The main ways to personalize a simple wedding are food, fashion, and décor.